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About Us

Hello, welcome to Back Orr Family Doodles! We are a family of 7 plus our furry friends and extended family of past puppy clients. We get our name from our cozy little nook on Back Orrville Road near Wooster Ohio. We are fortunate to have plenty of room for our children and puppies alike to roam and play in our spacious yard. We have always lived in rural Ohio and love the quiet nature of living in the country. We would love to have you visit and experience a little taste of what we call home. 

Growing up in my younger years I developed a heart for dogs and always dreamed of one-day raising quality puppies with my family.  We started with a Bichon Frise, Gabby that stole our two oldest children Alayna & Jaron's hearts as toddlers. When we sadly lost her we knew one day we wanted to fill that void. After doing research we decided to focus on the poodle crosses.


We decided to focus on smaller puppies that make great family companions. We believe that smaller hypoallergenic breeds make the best overall fit for the majority of families. They also make very healthy pets and will be long lasting family companions for many years. Ultimately we couldn't decide between My wife Naomi's favorite, the adorable King Charles Cavalier, or My childhood beloved Yorkshire Terrier, so we are raising both and crossing them with mini poodles. In doing so we can cultivate the best traits both breeds offer. 


We strive for the healthiest and most sociable puppies. Our children pitch in with care and socializing duties. We keep our puppies and adults up to date on all shots and vaccines, have routine vet checks, and our puppies will be microchipped. Along with quality puppies want to provide a top-notch customer experience. Our friend Sara takes calls/texts and emails for us. She also will be happy to meet you at visits to our home. 


We appreciate you visiting our website and hope to hear from you soon.



Jeff Miller            

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